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What Will The Future Be Like? Что будет в будущем?
My name is Darina and I’m 16 years old. When I think about the future changes on our planet, I feel rather optimistic. As the technology rapidly progresses, many new things might come to use. For example, the space telescopes will soon send photographs of distant planets to Earth. The skyscrapers will become like separate cities, having all the necessary facilities in one building. People will be able to participate in space flights. Online romances will become more common. Robots will perform most household duties. They will also replace lots of professions. All these changes sound realistic, but nobody thinks about nature. Scientific and technologic advances can easily lead to natural collapses. The growing number of factories, their waste into the World Ocean and atmosphere are rather harmful. This means, while people will be enjoying life in smart houses and flats, animals will be dying out. The air will become so polluted that we’ll have to stay in our houses all the time and do everything from there. As I see it, life in the future will remind a real vacuum. People will work from their homes. They will buy fruit and vegetables grown only at the greenhouses. They will communicate with their relatives and friends via skype or other similar programs. If people continue leading such life, they will end up being lonely. On the other hand, I know that a growing number of people move to the countryside and create their own communities there. They build houses, that save energy. They try to use all natural resources reasonably. Hopefully, they will make life better on our planet.

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