Из текста приведенного снизу,нужно узнать ответы на три вопроса снизу, нужно вставить: a) True
b) False
c) не говорилось в тексте
Сам текст:
1. _C. Home to royalty_ Edinburgh Castle, situated high above the city on Castle Rock, was once the home of the kings and queens of Scotland. The 700-year-old Crown of Scotland is still on display there, and the Royal apartments include a tiny room where the future king of England, James I, was born in 1566.
2. _B. Used by the Army_ The Castle was the site of many battles with the English. Over the centuries it survived many attempts to destroy it, that is why many Scots see it as a symbol of their own survival.
3. _D. Ancient traditions live on _ Visitors to the Castle will see a military guard at the gate, because the castle is still the headquarters of the army’s Scottish Division. The famous Military Tattoo is also held here every August. This is a spectacular three-week festival of bagpipe and band music, marching and displays by Scottish regiments.
4. _A. A lot to see_ Edinburgh Castle houses exhibitions of Scottish history and a collection of armour and weapons. As well as what there is to see inside, the castle’s hilltop position offers the best views of the city.

1. you can see the grow of scotland in edinburgh castle.
2. the castle was destroyed several times .
3. she has a pleasant voice and sings.

1 b 2 a 3 b ................

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