I. Open the brackets and put the verbs in the Past Simple Tense.
Charles Dickens.
Charles Dickens (1- be) an English novelist who (2- live) from 1812 to 1870. His parents (3- not/ be) rich and Charles (4- not/ receive) a very good education. At 15 he (5- start) to work as an office boy for some lawyers in London. At 22 he (6- become) a journalist for a London newspaper. Dickens (7- work) extremely hard and (8- write) a lot of successful novels and short stories. He (9- understand) social problems very well and (10- try) to change them by describing them in his work. He (11- die) in 1870.
II. Complete the text with the following words.
Higher Education in Britain
competition earn graduate higher lectures passes tutor undergraduates
Most big towns in Britain have a college of 1_______ education. Universities offer three- or four-year degree courses. You are then awarded a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. University students go to large formal 2________, but most of the work takes place in tutorials: lessons in groups of ten or more when the students discuss their work with the 3________. 4 ________ to get into one of Britain’s university is fierce and not everyone who 5________ final school exams (A-levels) can go. Students usually need three A-levels to enter university. The students are given a personal interview and the universities then decide which students they need. Most British students choose to go to university far from their home town. Students need money to live away from home. Some students whose parents do not 6________ a lot of money are given a grant from the local education authority. Some students borrow money from the bank which they must pay back after they 7________.
III. Open the brackets and put the verbs in the correct form (Present Simple or Future Simple).
1. If I (not/ go) out so much, I (do) more work. 2. If I (do) more work, I (pass) the exams.

1 was
2 lived
3 were not
4 received
5 started
6 became
7 worked
8 wrote
9 understood
10 tried
11 died

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