Перепишите следующие предложения в пассивном залоге (Английский)

1) Mark opened the door
2) Mary will take some photos if the weather is fine
3) Mary asked the policeman for directions
4) Many children use computers nowadays
5) The police are asking lots of questions in the neighorhood
6) The teacheris giving a difficult test
7) Peter hasnt done his homework
8) Mother takes the children to the party
9) People built a swiming pool last year
10) Bell invented the telephone in 1876
11) The prime Minister inaugurated the new Town Hall
12) Someone will take the visitors to the airport

1) The door was opened by Mark.
2) Some photos will be taken by Mary if the weather is fine
3) The policeman was asked for directions by Mary.
4) Computers are used by many children nowadays
5) Lots of questions are being asked by the police in the neighborhood.
6) A difficult test is being given by the teacher.
7) His homework hasnt been done by Peter.
8) The children are taken to the party by mother.
9) A swimming pool was built by people last year.
10) The telephone was invented by Bell in 1876
11) The new Town Hall was inaugurated by the Prime Minister.
12) The visitors will be taken by someone to the airport.

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