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Put the verbs into the correct tense usingthe first and second conditional.
1. If she knows the time, she_____(come) to the meeting.
2. She______ (attend) the meeting if she had the time.
3. Peter_____)say)yes if you ask him.
4. Unless he ______(finish)soon we won`t be able to come.
5. If he ______(be) president, he would invest more in education.
6. What ____(you do) if you were president?
7. She _____ (fly) Northwest Airlines if she has a choice.
8. If I ______ (think) I could do it, I would do it!
9. Alan would invite Mary if it _____(be) his party.
10. She won~t marry Peter if he_____(ask) her.

1. will come
2. would attend
3.will say
4. finishes
5. were
6. would you do
7. will fly
9. was
10. asks

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