ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА НАПИСАТЬ СОЧИНЕНИЕ(130-150 слов) НА ТЕМУ "Как одеваться на первое свидание"

If a date is planned in an informal setting, for example, in a coffee shop or at a picnic, dress in your casual style just a little overdressed. For example, if you normally wear jeans and shirts, put on your best jeans and a nice shirt (or stylish sweater with a t-shirt). If you prefer a skirt and ballet flats, dress accordingly, but also choose a more elegant option.For a formal output (e.g. in a restaurant) find out what this place dress code, not to be neither overdressed or too dressed simply. As a rule, elegant black dress, beautiful shoes and one or two decorations will be a win-win choice.If it happens in the summer, do not wear out shorts. Choose a skirt or light summer pants (but not too informal or sport).The choice of shoes also depends on what kind of date you have. A pair of cute ballet shoes (clean and not needing repair) will be combined with the dress and with jeans; these shoes are comfortable and versatile. Do not wear high-heeled shoes, if you are not used to them and with every step the risk of tripping.

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