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Тема "Мой любимый актер" (My favourite actor)
My favourite actor
One of the great actors who made a strong impression on me is Will Smith. I think he is a brilliant actor with a lot of talents. All his characters are bright individuals and Will plays them perfectly well. Today he is called one of the most powerful actors in Hollywood. He has been nominated for Golden Globe awards and Academy awards for his starring roles in action films, science fiction films, comedies and dramas. By the way Will is also a rap singer and his musical career is quite successful too. He has earned four Grammy awards in music.

Smith was born in 1968 in West Philadelphia. He began his acting career in 1993 with a major role in the drama “Six Degrees of Separation”. And after that Will Smith has starred in such massive blockbuster films as “Men in Black”, “I am Legend”, “Independence Day”, “I, Robot”, “Hancock”, “Seven Pounds” and “After Earth”. He has played plenty of interesting roles, and two of them he has done together with his son Jaden.

To my mind Will is the most fascinating actor and producer. I can watch his movies lots of times and every time I really enjoy his acting. He can be funny and serious, cold and sensitive. And I cannot wait for his new masterpieces because he always tries something new.

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