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The word smog comes from smoke and fog Smog is a sort of fog with other substances mixed in. Smog hag been here a long time. Billions of years ago, volcanoes sent millions of tons of ash and smoke into the air Winds whipped up dust clouds. Animal and vegetable matter decayed, adding polluting gases.
When people came along, they began to produce their own kind of air pollution. They discovered fire. In the Middle Ages, people in cities such as London used soft coal to heat their homes. The smoke from these fires, combined with moisture in the air, produced dense layers of smog. The smog would blanket the city for days, particularly in winter. The heat generated in large cities tends to circulate air within a dome-like shape. This traps the smog and holds it over the city.
Smog, and the chemicals and other substances in it can be harmful, even deadly. Smog blurs vision. It irritates the eyes, the throat, and the lungs. Eyes water, throats get sore, people cough. Smog can make people ill. And it can make sick people sicker. Air pollution has been linked to eczema, asthma, emphysema, cardiovascular difficulties, and lung and stomach cancer. It also has a harmful effect on the environment. Food crops and animals suffer. Paint may peel from houses. It is obvious that we must do everything possible to reduce man-made atmospheric pollutants and smog.

What is smog?
How did smog appear in the Middle Ages? 
What does keep smog over the city? 
What diseases does smog cause? 
How does smog affect the environment?

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