Use the verb to say or to tell.
1. "You ought to be grateful," he __ her in his light cocksure conceited manner. (Greene) 2. He __ I must talk with your friend. (Marryai) 3. "Look at me, Gretta," he __ her, patting her.cheek with his hand. (CcUdxuell) 4. I __ I would write to him to-morrow. (Marryat) 5. They met some people soon after they had got inside, who __ they had been there [in the maze] for three quarters of an hour, and had had about enough of it. Harris __ them they could follow him, if they liked... They __ it was very kind of him, and fell behind, and followed. (Jerome K. Jerome) 6. Harris kept on turning to the right, but it seemed a long way, and his cousin __ he supposed it was a very big maze. "Oh, one of the largest in Europe," __ Harris. (Jerome K. Jerome) 7. Harris __ he thought it was a very fine maze. (Jerome K. Jerome) 8. The man __ he would go and consult his master. (Jerome K. Jerome) 9. Fox __ me that you were here! (Wilson) 10. She __ she would — us all about it the next time we met.

1 told
2 said
3 told
4 said
5 said, told, said
6  said, said
7 said
8 said
9 told
10 said, tell

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